Yoga Styles

"Take time to do what makes your soul happy"
"Reconnect with yourself "

Core Power Vinyasa Flow

It is an energetic form of yoga where one moves fluidly from one pose to the next while connecting their breath to their movements. It is based on the traditional style of Ashtanga yoga and has similar qualities and benefits, including building internal heat, increasing stamina, strength and flexibility.

And while in the traditional style of yoga there’s a fixed set of asanas, in power yoga teachers have more flexibility in terms of arranging postures according to their preferences.

Yin yoga

This passive yoga practice is an excellent way to stretch and lubricate connective tissue deep within the body. Yin Yoga is different from Hatha yoga as it involves fewer postures which are seated or prone and are held for 3-5 minutes each. Yin Yoga is great for anyone who experiences tightness in the muscle tissue and joints. Yin Yoga uses passive postures held for longer periods of time to allow for deep opening in the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis and spine. Yin Yoga can be practiced by any level of student. It is a perfect complement to a more dynamic practice.

Yin & Yang Yoga

Yin-Yang Yoga classes will alternate quiet restorative poses with intense flow sequences.It is the combination of passive (yin) and vigorous (yang). The Yin & Yang practice consists of a flowing sequence of standing postures, much like an extended Sun Salutation and seated postures. Yin & Yang are thought of as complementary (not opposites). Balancing a more physically demanding of a yoga practice with a gentle and restorative postures, can be a way to create balance and harmony.

Antigravity & Trapeze Body Flying Yoga swing

Anti-Gravity Yoga or "aerial yoga", is a new type of yoga, which combines the traditional yoga poses, from base to advance postures with the use of a silk hammock or a Swing trapeze made of parachute fabrics and with short and long handles.A combination of traditional yoga poses, pilates and dance with the use of a hammock, aerial yoga defies gravity and allows you to perform various yoga poses that may be difficult to do on the ground, but easier in mid-air. It’s fun and acrobatic. some benefits: It’s the most natural form of inversion therapy that lengthens the space between each vertebra.

Think of it as an all-natural spine traction system or in simpler terms what you need to reduce chronic low back pain! It supports and assists the body in deeper backbends that normally cannot be accessed. Helps build core and upper body strength through various movements. Allows you to get upside down, reverse your blood flow, send fresh oxygen to the brain, and be invigorated/inspired!

Yoga Nidra

It is a still practice offering students time to surrender.

This quiet practice works with mindful breathing bringing the awareness within. This sense of centred calmness then flows on into a meditation practice

Yoga Kids

Our children live in a hurry-up world of busy parents, school pressures, incessant lessons, video games, malls, and competitive sports. We usually don’t think of these influences as stressful for our kids, but often they are. Yoga can help counter these pressures. Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that’s noncompetitive. Fostering cooperation and compassion, instead of opposition, is a great gift to give our children.

Children derive enormous benefits from yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves The sessions are fun, different every time, challenge your flexibility and focus a lot on breathing techniques.

Yoga private "one to one"

Private class is the best if you like to deepen your practice or to learn yoga at your own pace.It is a good way to learn and receive individual attention. The Practice can be at your home or any other location.

Yoga office at work

This class provides various benefits to employee; reduces stress and tension, improve productivity

Acro Yoga Fitness

Acro Yoga is a combination of asana sequences, partner yoga, Thai massage, assisted inversions and acrobatic flying ! You just need enthusiasm and energy! Essentially, it builds a practice of the understanding of trust. Trust within the body, trust within the community, and trust in the fact that it's a lot of fun to do these amazing things you never thought you'd be able to do. You will learn basing, flying, and most importantly how to spot. By participating in all three roles, we truly learn how to embrace trust, connect with balance, and unleash our inner acrobat!

Hot Power Vinyasa

Hot Vinyasa is a flowing sequence of diverse pose in a room heated to 90 degrees Celsius. Vinsaya classes, it is necessary to experience all level of yoga for this will be challenging for the new beginners. The style of hot vinyasa class is designed for those looking to learn more and to strengthen the foundation of their postures, alignment, breathing and yoga techniques. This builds heat, endurance, flexibility and strength. All classes will include modifications for students of all levels. Practice first thing in the morning and start your day with a blast of energy, or burn off some steam after work. You will leave physically content and mentally nourished where it’s a 60 or 90 minute class.

Yoga Foundation

This is the essential introductory class for beginners and those new to yoga. It is also for anyone with a regular practice wanting to get back to basics. In this class, students will be introduced the core elements of Yoga, as well as the mechanics of alignment and breathing, which are the basis of a lifelong practice. Each class will also include therapeutic self-massage techniques using Yoga Tune Up therapy balls to release overburdened muscles and encourage deep mind-body relaxation.


The Asthtanga Primary series is a series of postures in logical sequence designed to open and strengthen the body. Each posture is an introduction to the next, and joined together with the breath ( Ujjayi ) to create a rhythmic experience. Combined with some Vinyasas, this class creates warmth in the body and focuses on core strength.

Deep music Yoga & Glow

This class is for those who like and enjoy yoga with music, a "more deep" music and glowing in the dark. For sure make a difference in the practice. Just enjoy and go with the flow & glow !